English Language

SIL works for the language communities worldwide, to build their capacity for sustainable language development, by doing research, translation, training and material development for the global world to pursue their social, cultural, political, economical and spiritual goals. Its focus is to give service to language development.
SIL provides expertise in giving training in foreign languages in schools and colleges and in multinational companies. There is definitely a personal attention to each student and school of international languages sends the largest group of students in India for DELF with 100 % results of all the previous batches.

French Language

French courses available
  • DELF A1
  • DELF A2
  • DELF A2
  • DELF B1
  • DELF B2
  • DELF C1
  • DELF C2
  • DELF Diploma(Next Batch)
  • DELF Exam Schedule
  • DELF Junior(a facility where school students can test their French abilities)
  • DELF Junior for schools
  • DELF Quebec PR
  • DELF/TCF Latest Results
  • 12 Months School Teacher Training Program
  • Fast Track B2 for DELF/TCF
  • French course for different batches from 5th to 10th class
  • SIL certificate diplôma programme for 2 years( With  DELF certification) It is an international language spoken by more than 200 million people around the world.
  • French is the eleventh most widely-spoken language in the world.
  • French is the official language of 33 countries in the world.
  • French is spoken in two of the G7 countries.
  • French is the mother tongue of 75 million people.
  • 200 million people around the world understand, speak, and write French.
  • French is the official language of postal services across the world. 

German Language

Examination date Fee Exam Date Written Oral
Goethe zertificat A1(start deutsch)
Goethe zertificat A1 fit in deutsch)
Goethe zertificat A2 fit in deutsch)
Goethe zertificat A2 start deutsch)
Goethe zertificat B1
deutsch für jugendiche(ZD)
Goethe zertificat
Goethe zertificat B2
Goethe zertificat C1
Goethe zertificat C2