'PARLE FRANÇAIS AVEC MOI est un livre ideal pour les eleves. Le livre que nous presentons aux etudiants de I'etrangers est le premiere d'une collection, to permit de rediger dans une langue simple sans risque de contressns et sans hesitation TO OUR READERS "PARLE FRANÇAIS AVEC MOI" is an ideal book, which enjoys national and international reputation, and has best and practical solution to all language needs.

The plan of the book is such that is used in schools, colleges, institutes and universities at any level. it contains an exhaustive collection of 10,000 conjugated verbs, detailed coverage of essential vocabulary, idioms, phrases, proverbs, expressions, grammar rules, one word substitution, recipes, stories, essays, incidents, daily routine conversation and much more packed into one compact book. Careful thought has been given to the presentation of the entries, (Thanks to the staff of School of International Languages, having experience of teaching French language for more than 20 years) speaking, writing and reading French remains no longer just a dream.

I am grateful to my Husband Mr. Anil Moza, sons, SahiT and Antrudh, my family and my staff members for their cooperation and dedication.

Preface Preface SIL English Course Book is designed to meet all pur language needs at any level whether learning at School, College, Foreign or lor competitive examina-tion This handy grammar vocabulary book will provide you fast solution of various problems white speaking, reading or writing modern English.
Different references from best authors have been considered and replanned to Modernize this book, Tnis enables the user to read, write every day English Quicklyand accurately. Speaking English proficiently and accurately, is no longer a dream. Thanks to the SIL English 2002 Course Book, which covered whole grammar vocabulary, phrases, iaioms, proverbs in It,
I am grateful to my husband Mr. Anil Moza, Sons Sahil & Anirudh Moza, my family and all staff members for ihe cooperation and dedication.